Advanced Java Programming Tutorials

Welcome to the advanced Java programming tutorials section of the site!

Welcome to the advanced Java programming tutorials section of the site!

Is it not entirely necessary to know this material to program in Java. However, in order to truly unlock Java's potential as a powerful object oriented language, you've got to know what the tools are that Java provides and how to use them.

These concepts will take much longer to absorb than the previous material. It's important to keep practicing and keep looking at examples to make sure that the concepts stay in your head. I truly believe anyone can master these techniques, so if you're willing to give it a go, check out the tutorials below!

Advanced Tutorials

Java Collections - ArrayLists and HashMaps Java Collections allow you to handle objects in more advanced ways than simply storing them in a bunch of variables or arrays. Teach yourself to use ArrayLists and HashMaps to take full control of your variables!

Java Inheritance In the real world, objects have different levels of classifications. For example we can call certain objects animals. But those animals can then be classified in different ways such as dogs, cats, birds, and then specific types of dogs, cats, birds, etc. Java inheritance will allow you to do just that, and it will help you to write less code as well as to write more organized code.

Java Access Modifiers You see public, private, and protected in Java code everywhere, but what do they mean? Learn how you can use Java access modifiers to improve code readability and maintainability by reading this tutorial. Soon you too will have full command of these Java keywords!

Java Interface Learn how you can use Java interfaces to structure your code! The Java interface helps you to define common types of objects and gives you the flexibility to create Java class blueprints that will help you code a lot more efficiently. In this section of our Java programming tutorials you'll learn both how to create interfaces and the best ways to use them.

Polymorphism In Java Polymorphism is one of those abstract concepts that's fundamental in knowing how to do object-oriented programming. It's no wonder we added this to our Advanced Java tutorials! Learn all about the essence of polymorphism in Java, method overloading, method overriding, and dynamic method binding and how they can help you in this powerful yet simple tutorial!

Variable Scope Ever had an issue with variables and the compiler not recognizing that the variable exists? If so, you're not alone! Variable scope in Java is a simple concept that, once you figure it out, will get rid of your variable declaration problems for good!

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