Java For Beginners - Easy Tutorials to Start You Off

So, you want to learn Java?

This is truly Java for beginners, so you do not need to know how to program at all! Even if you do know a different language, this introduction to Java will help you get started to learn Java quickly so you can begin coding right away.

The tutorials below will guide you through the process of learning Java FROM SCRATCH. Start your introduction to Java with the installation and work your way through basic Java commands so you get used to working with the language.

We want to get started off on the right foot, so we'll be learning the basics in a program called Eclipse. Don't worry, the program is free, and it will help you to use Java the way that professionals do.

I strongly encourage you to work through the examples, and also to read through as fast or as slowly as you like. Feel free to come back to these tutorials as well to make sure you've nailed the concepts or if you need some clarification. You may also always contact me for help using the forms found at the end of each tutorial. Good luck!

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Beginner Tutorials

Install Java The first step to programming Java is to get it running on your computer. This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to set up Java and Eclipse, complete with screenshots to help you follow along.

Your First Program Got Java and Eclipse installed? Let's make sure everything is set up properly and begin your introduction to Java by starting you with coding your very first program!

Java Output Learn how to easily get Java to display text on the screen. It'll be your proof that you can make a computer do what YOU want it to do!

Java Variables Without variables, there's no way to store values in your program. Learn the basics about creating and using Java's variables so your programs can do more than just display stuff on the screen.

Java Input Want to make your programs interactive? Learning to get input from a user is crucial if your program will ever be used by a human. Java has an easy way of doing this, and that's by using a Java Scanner.

Conditionals ( The If Statement ) Your program is doomed to do exact same thing every time it runs unless you let it know about different conditions. Learn the power of if statements and how to use them to produce different results based on what you tell the code to do.

Loops - For Loops And While Loops If you've been trying out your own programs, you must be getting fed up with having to copy and paste code you want done over and over again. But, there is a better way! Read on to learn how you can make a program do something over and over without having to write it over and over.

Intro To Java Methods The final tutorial in Java For Beginners! Learn a little bit about what Java methods are, how to write them, and how to use them. This tutorial won't cover everything, but it'll be just enough to get you to use them and serves as a jump-off point to the more advanced tutorials.

Practice Examples - Java Programs For Beginners

Need to practice your newest skills but can't come up with your own programs to try? Here you can follow along with these short examples and create cool little programs that really reinforce what you've learned in Java For Beginners!

Guessing Game Create a fun little guessing game that tests your if statement and while loop abilities. Pick up some tips in programming as well.

Pyramids A classic looping example that creates a pyramid of asterisks. Learn a few neat tricks with for loops, as well as how to use nested loops.

21 Sticks - A Fun Java Game Example Want to put your looping and if statement skills to the test? Learn how to make 21 sticks, a fun Java game that tests your thinking skills. We'll program the game for a single player that plays against an intelligent computer!

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