Intermediate Java Tutorials

Welcome to the intermediate Java tutorials! These Java programming tutorials assume that you know the material in the beginner's section, and that you're ready to learn about the more specific aspects of Java, such as object-orientation.

Do not let the terms scare you! Just because you have no idea what a particular term might be talking about does not mean you cannot find out what it is. These tutorials are meant to help you slowly explore the deeper aspects of Java without confusing you by assuming you know what I'm talking about.

There are many tutorials out there that simply show you how it's done and why, but sometimes this isn't enough. My goal through this section is to help you to more fully understand and appreciate programming in general as well as to pick up the aspects of Java that truly make it the powerful language that it is. Read and FOLLOW ALONG with these tutorials at your own pace. And if you ever need further clarification there is always a questions/comments form at the bottom of each tutorial.

Have fun learning and good luck!

Intermediate Tutorials

Java Arrays Arrays are powerful for organizing variables. They allow you to string related variables together into one single variable that's easy to use. Discover the power of arrays in Java to create smaller, better programs.

Methods In Java Revisited It's time to take another look at methods in Java! Without a complete understanding of how methods work it will be difficult to make the leap into object-oriented programming. Finish what you began learning about in the beginner's tutorials today!

Logical Operators Without logical operators, your code will become confusing and incapable of performing complex logical tasks. Discover how these operators can help you create better, more efficient, and more complicated programs.

Intro to Java Objects In order to begin programming the object oriented way in Java, you've got to know what objects are, how to create them, and how to use them. This tutorial will give you a brief introduction in using your own objects.

Creating Java Objects In part 2 of working with Java objects, we'll create a Java object from scratch. We will then use the object to further show why the object was created the way that it was. Learn what you need to know about getters, setters, and object variables as well.

The Java Constructor Part 3 of using Java objects explores how Java constructors work and what they are used for. The power of constructors lies in initializing data upfront. Why is this useful to you? Read on to find out!

Java Packages The final tutorial in the intermediate Java tutorials section. Here we'll cover Java's way of making sure large programs stay organized: packages. Learn how packages help to enforce good coding standards and help you the programmer stay on top of your program's organization.

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